This unfunded blog/website could not have blossomed forth in all its pictorial exuberance without the wholehearted support and assistance of agencies that have, in effect, become informal partners. In particular, we thank the unstinting staff of the Saskatoon Public Library’s Local History Room, the University of Saskatchewan Archives and Special Collections, and City of Saskatoon Archives.

We are also greatly indebted to several photographers who were so generous with their photographs, notably Gerry Ackerman, Patricia Pavey and Alastair Mirrlees.

Other agencies and knowledgeable individuals who helped us include Dr. Emily Bamforth, an archaeologist at Saskatchewan Natural History Museum, who kindly guided us through the maze of Saskatchewan paleontology, staff at the Western Development Museum, folks at museums in Saskatchewan towns, Saskatoon City Police, Bonnie Wagner (author of a blog about television) John Duerkop (naval historian), transit officials in three cities, and a host of others.

The fruitful body of work by legions of authors and historians provided the fodder for this website, which we put together in less than two years (not counting our decades of fact-collecting in local history). Many of those books are now out-of-print, and hard to find. Kudos to Westgate Books in Saskatoon for helping to locate many of them. Government websites were also a rich font of information.

Above all, my heartfelt thanks to our webmaster at Tilt Creative of Calgary, who designed the site, patiently tutored me in the vagaries of blogging, and provided ongoing help in massaging the photographs into web-friendly form. – R.M.